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Women and military aviation in the Second World War: A comparative study of the United States of America and USSR, 1941--1945
by Pennington, ReinaUniversity of South Carolina, 2000, 370 pages; 9981310
<i>Salir Adelante</i>: A feminist ethnographic study of transnational Latina mothers and the practice of resilience
by Reina, AngelicaIowa State University, 2014, 321 pages; 3684328
Health effects of arsenic contaminated drinking water in West Bengal, India
by Haque, ReinaUniversity of California, Berkeley, 2000, 133 pages; 3001866
Modelling dependence in the linear model: A meteorological application
by Nieuwoudt, ReinaUniversity of South Africa (South Africa), 1998, 1 pages; 0599694
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Transcriptional regulation of intestinal stem cells and differentiation
by Aoki, ReinaUniversity of Pennsylvania, 2015, 83 pages; 3721430
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Domestic violence in Iowa: Exploring the experiences of Latinas with organizational response
by Reina, AngelicaIowa State University, 2010, 132 pages; 1479621
United States occupation and recontextualization of American culture in Japan: Japanization of Tokya Disneyland
by Tanaka, ReinaMichigan State University, 2005, 98 pages; 1426474
Empirical Analysis and Modeling of Freeway Merge Ratios and Lane Flow Distribution
by Reina, PaulinaArizona State University, 2015, 110 pages; 3719662
Contribution of potassium channels to coronary dysfunction in metabolic syndrome
by Watanabe, ReinaIndiana University, 2009, 118 pages; 3358906
Good Families of Quantum Low-Density Parity-Check Codes and a Geometric Framework for the Amplitude-Damping Channel
by Riemann, ReinaMassachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011; 0823505
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