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Women and military aviation in the Second World War: A comparative study of the United States of America and USSR, 1941--1945
by Pennington, ReinaUniversity of South Carolina, 2000, 370 pages; 9981310
Support and Resources for Homeless Families: A Grant Proposal
by Avila, ReinaCalifornia State University, Long Beach, 2017, 42 pages; 10261850
Transcriptional regulation of intestinal stem cells and differentiation
by Aoki, ReinaUniversity of Pennsylvania, 2015, 83 pages; 3721430
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<i>Salir Adelante</i>: A feminist ethnographic study of transnational Latina mothers and the practice of resilience
by Reina, AngelicaIowa State University, 2014, 321 pages; 3684328
Domestic violence in Iowa: Exploring the experiences of Latinas with organizational response
by Reina, AngelicaIowa State University, 2010, 132 pages; 1479621
United States occupation and recontextualization of American culture in Japan: Japanization of Tokya Disneyland
by Tanaka, ReinaMichigan State University, 2005, 98 pages; 1426474
Health effects of arsenic contaminated drinking water in West Bengal, India
by Haque, ReinaUniversity of California, Berkeley, 2000, 133 pages; 3001866
Modelling dependence in the linear model: A meteorological application
by Nieuwoudt, ReinaUniversity of South Africa (South Africa), 1998, 1 pages; 0599694
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Vestibular mechanisms in patients with spasmodic torticollis before and after selective peripheral denervation
by Benabou, ReinaUniversite de Montreal (Canada), 1998, 89 pages; NQ32583
Empirical Analysis and Modeling of Freeway Merge Ratios and Lane Flow Distribution
by Reina, PaulinaArizona State University, 2015, 110 pages; 3719662

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